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Deputies proposed a system for selling grain at free prices

On October 8, 2019, at the next meeting of the UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, questions of deepening reforms carried out in all areas of society were considered.
First, the faction members heard information from the chairman of the Committee on Agrarian and Water Management Issues Tulkin Eshnazarov “On the economic support of farms and improving the efficiency of cultivation of ears of crops”.
It was noted that last week, the Board of the Council of farmers, dekhkan farms and owners of household lands of Uzbekistan sent an appeal to the Parliament on ensuring the financial stability of farms engaged in grain cultivation.
As indicated in the Appeal, in the past years, the processes of growing and processing grain were controlled by the state, the grain harvested by farms was purchased at prices below market. As a result, interest in farmers in increasing yields and increasing grain procurement declined in farms. At the same time, most of the cheap flour did not reach the appropriate segments of the population and was sold at a market price, cases of abuse were observed at grain processing enterprises and trade organizations, all this gave rise to factors leading to corruption in relations between farmers, producers and consumers.
“Recently, this issue was discussed in detail by representatives of factions of political parties in the Legislative Chamber, a working group of 52 deputies went to the field and studied the true state of affairs,” said Oybek Egamov, member of the UzLiDeP faction, head of the working group. – Also, the relevant committees of the Legislative Chamber, with the participation of scientists and specialists, heard information from the relevant ministries and departments on issues of increasing material incentives for farms and other producers of agricultural products, liberalizing grain prices in order to fully transfer economic relations in the field to market mechanisms. The appeal was studied in detail, deputies organized appearances in the media and social networks.
During the meeting, the deputies exchanged views on raising the material interest of farmers and dehkans working in this area, decent pay for their labor, which will help increase their interest in increasing grain harvesting, the need to pay attention to the results of this work, as well as on issues of price liberalization.
In this regard, the deputies of the UzLiDeP fraction fully support the issues raised in the Appeal to further improve the system of preferential loans to agricultural enterprises, transfer to market mechanisms and radically improve the supply of fuel and lubricants, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products and other resources, and phase out installation practices purchase prices for grain and establishing a system for selling grain at free prices.
The deputies considered the draft law “On Amendments to Article 2111 of the Tax Code of the Republic” included in the agenda in the first reading.
This bill, developed on the basis of the right of legislative initiative, provides for the stability of the consumer market, the creation of conditions for increasing the competitiveness of local producers, the formation of a continuous “chain” of value added tax.
“In order to improve the tax policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a bill amending the 2111-article of the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides for a reduction in the tax rate on value added from 20 to 15 percent, this will help reduce the tax burden on businesses and develop their competitiveness,” says a member of the faction UzLiDeP, initiator of the law Nilufar Saidakhmetova. – The goal of our party is to preserve traditional and develop new markets, expand the participation of small businesses, private entrepreneurship, farmers in foreign economic activity, pursue a reasonable, active export policy aimed at exporting their products to regional and world markets.
As members of the UzLiDeP faction noted, the party will strive to implement a fiscal policy aimed at further improving the practical application of rights and legal norms that provide reliable protection of the rights and interests of owners, entrepreneurs, farmers and business people, increasing the competitiveness of the economy, and ensuring the openness of administrative rules and order in the field of business organization, the elimination of non-banking cash flow in the shadow economy.
During the meeting, the deputies considered a number of bills and other issues related to the powers of the faction included on the agenda. On all issues, the position of the UzLiDeP faction was developed and appropriate decisions were made.

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