The Internal Audit Service shall monitor and evaluate the work of the executive body, branches and representative offices of the Company by checking and monitoring their compliance with the legislation, the Charter of the Company and other documents, ensuring completeness and reliability of data recording in accounting and financial statements, established rules and procedures for carrying out business transactions, preservation of assets, as well as compliance with the requirements established by law for the management of the company.
The Internal Audit Service carries out its activities in accordance with the procedure established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, unless otherwise provided by law, as well as the Charter of the Company and the regulation on the Internal Audit Service.
The Internal Audit Service is elected by the Supervisory Board.
The competence of the Internal Audit Service shall be established by law and regulation on the Internal Audit Service.


Full name Work of place, position
Sharipov Yuldash
Audit Service

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